Believe it or not, you're priceless too! Too often does one tend to forget the value they walk around with everyday. From the memories stored within, to the general conversation one might have during any old week, even if it's only one or two interactions from start to finish. These moments, and every moment in between is original, one of a kind, and uniquely special.

For on the other hand expensiveness' comes with an 'in or out' false dichotomy. You can realize the intrinsic smallness in value jewelry, cars, & watches have in comparison to your friends, family, and care for others, while still and happily so being rich and buying it all. You don't need to be greedy and in fact it doesn't really work that way when it comes to money anyhow.

So you might say, 'Okay now I'm aware of my intrinsic worth' so how do I make something or should I say cash something on behalf of this notion, and to answer I'd suggest to start Thinking, and Thinking Big!

Imagine You're looking to Cash In on Yourself but you aren't yet sure where or how exactly to do so, or even what that means really. We'll in response to that thought you're going to need to reframe many years of hardwired mindsets, and restart like a jolly kid. Go ahead, imagine just like you did as a kid that there is One Big & Kind Boss who cares for you and also brings presents on Christmas. From there just simply ask yourself who has Authority really and think positive!


Okay, here I'll give you One hint. The Big & Kind Boss is soo Nice truthfully that the mean reality you might hear about is in fact only a little bit fibbed so as not to have this kindness undervalued. And You and I both we're made in Image of All of the Specialness Above!

I'm going to end it there and call this #1 Of The LightMind Hidden Treasure Hunt